Thursday, 28 May 2009

Show me your shoes - Cathryn Dean

Cathryn Dean couldn't show us just one pair so she sent us three!

She says:

"You see the brown boots are my favorite flat shoes, they are made by RocketDog and are super comfy and not at all like the slouchy horrid boots that have no heel support, these have heel support and a good thick sole!

And the black ones are favorites for general smart wear and hanging out with friends, they look great with skinny jeans but probably don't get polished as much as they should.

But the pink ones, now they have a special use. They don't get worn out terribly often partly because they are quite high heeled and I can't totter far in them and partly because, well they are Very pink and I don't have many clothes to compliment them.

But they have a great use, they are my feel good shoes, Oh yes when I'm feeling down i throw on these and my tutu and put on some good old fashioned Motown and I'm instantly happy again!

So there you have it my favorite shoes. Sorry it wasn't one pair, heehe.

Please get in touch with your shoes! We don't have anyone for next week and I don't want to let you down. It's so fun seeing everyone shoes, so please email pics and descriptions to Laura Thanks!

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