Thursday, 14 May 2009

Glued and Glittered- Chapeau Claudette

I bought a handmade mini hat a while ago from Chapeau Claudette's online shop. I don't really suit hats, but I really love them and so I thought a mini hat would be a more suitable option. I really like my little hat, but I always forget to wear it? However I came across their site again and it just reminds me of the little goodness which I really should get around to wearing again.

I bought this top one in red, well it's not quite a hat, but a little fascinator which looks good enough to be called a mini hat. Over on their site they do sell real sized hats, or mini classic hats like the trilby (2nd pic). I just love the animal print mini berets too!

And how can the model possibly suit every hat they sell (how dare she look so good)?


  1. Ooh I like these. The mini trilby is super fab!

  2. Hello again. Just wanted to say that I got my glue and glitter package today – so sweet :) And thanks for the extra bow buttons - they're adorable :)