Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Show me your shoes - Dotty one

The Dotty one shows us her shoes.

She says:

"I love these shoes because they make me feel like a little kid again - they are comfy and light and summery and never fail to make me feel happy. One of my friends said I was too old to wear them. Maybe I am but I don't care because they make me smile and what's wrong with skipping down the road pretending you are 12 again anyway?!"

There is a little girl in all of us somewhere and I say go for it!

Again we have very practical shoes, which are all very nice and very good, but I think it's time we saw your impractical side!

Send me your shoes and a short description to Laura@glueandglitter.co.uk. C'mon girls I know you must have some!


  1. Those are the sort of shoes I'd like!!
    Nicola xx

  2. oooh - i LOVE these shoes !! And there's always one 'sensible' friend who feels feet should grow up - ignore, ignore - they're FAB !!

  3. Hey Laura
    Thanks for featuring my shoes - I've only just seen this as I've been on holiday. Will probably put something on my blog about it later today!
    Cheers x
    PS. Just about to check out your shop - yay!