Saturday, 16 May 2009


New buttons - vintage phone, european speech bubbles and new camera.
New Hannah Zakari stock - new designs such as the european speech bubble necklace and all earrings to match, also a new russian doll necklace in colours and features 5 dolls from big to small.

New miniatures - a suggestion was made about making smaller versions of my currently jewellery.
New British collection - currently featuring buttons and coasters, but soon to be tea towels, bags and napkins.
Newly improved earrings - after some problems with the glue not being strong enough each earring is now resined on the back to lock the stud into place.
New bags - featuring new colours and designs.
Just need to wait for the sun to come out so I can take some nicer pics for you!


  1. I love your buttons! Also, I hope you dont mind, but I tagged you in my blog!

  2. Love all your new creations! Especially fond of the Russian Doll bags!

  3. Ooh loving the stick of rock coasters... they rock (sorry!)

  4. Thanks for that comment Zoe! I never saw them as sticks of rock, but now I can really see it! I'm obviously secretly a genius...haha. They were my modern doily style, but I guess they really just ooze britishness.

  5. I love your style. The buttons are especially cute. I have actually blogged about them here:
    I hope you don't mind