Friday, 29 May 2009

Meringue success

I haven't baked in ages and I have never baked meringue before. I love love love meringue and always wanted to make it, I have been building up the courage to have a go, but my mum always put me off because of her mishaps "I must have used a dozen eggs and it still didn't work" she said. And from that day on I always thought it was really difficult to make meringue.

A local bakers in town has had a makeover and now offer the most delicious looking dollops of snowy meringue. They have plain, coffee and ginger with chocolate at 80p each. My boyfriend kindly bought me one once whilst he munched on a iced bun (as they no longer do doughnuts) and again he bought me one recently. This had bought my thoughts on making meringue much closer as the ginger and chocolate combo is just a winner, really, to die for! So today, I bought some eggs, some plain chocolate and glacier ginger as they didn't have crystalized and thoughtlessly had a bash as making this light and airy dream in the mouth.

And I would like to congratulate myself on being a success! I even got a bit of yoke in it, but I did not panic and tried to remove all. I whisked and added my ginger, and sugar, yum yum and suddenly it was glossy, stiff and peaky! I was amazed and piled in them onto my baking tray and put in the oven. Admittedly they turned a little brown, which i'm not sure why as I couldn't get the heat any lower, but never the less they taste great! Now I have saved myself 80p I am much more generous with the sizes!


  1. Looking good! Last time I had a bash at meringues, I mixed in some juice left over from a jar of preserved cherries.

    It wasn't a roaring success, so to speak, but they did go the most awesome blue colour ever. :)

  2. Those meringues look soo good!!

  3. Mmm, I love meringues and they look divine. I can bake cakes, biscuits, but somehow always have trouble with meringues, so am mightily impressed :-)

  4. Would you share the recipe? Those look absolutely amazing!